Since a long time Amin Mohammad Group (AMG) had a vision to put its extensive experience as a real estate developer to good use and provide an exemplary residential community venture. With the legacy in building the best quality construction and professional expertise in real estate, Amin Mohammad Group through its concern Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd (AMHL) has conceived and actualized ‘The Valley’ for the uber living.

Amin Mohammad Group (AMG) has delivered five thousands of residential apartments and a million square feet of commercial spaces in over 24 years extending beyond hotels, hospitals, corporate offices and premium residences stretched across Dhaka and Chittagong. Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd. (AMHL) is now adding to their success list the first of its kind individual residential villa community “The Valley”. The project is located besides Dhaka-Mawa highway. Developing a large residential community adjacent to a 400 feet wide highway is the first ever attempt in Bangladesh.


The Vision

In The Valley, you are woken up by the singing of the birds rather than by the noise from the traffic. Villas in The Valley are surrounded by nature which has a soothing effect on both the mind and the body.

In The Valley, you do not have to leave your home to feel closer to nature because here, the nature comes to you and it is quite common to see birds and butterflies.

City dwellers chronically lack open spaces and children play computer games with less outdoor play. Here in The Valley you could play real or play with a ball, learn to ride a bicycle or simply have some fun outdoors.

The Design

The Valley is a premium commuter zone of Dhaka south. Inspired by the necessity of living together both with the nature and the people who matters the most in our life. 

The idea is simple and unique. Living a community life with all urban facilities. Living in a home that encircled by court/uthan along with natural garden. That supports natural airflow and sunlight.

The plots are divided by garden along with entry and out pathways to avenue road. That enables every home exclusive access to the backyard garden. Where you can gather for a social hangout and can watch your child playing on the grounds.

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