Terms and Conditions

The plot size will be measured at the time of hand over. In case of increase of the plot size, purchaser will have to pay additional price at the current market price. In case of decrease of the land size, purchaser will get back the amount from his/her deposit money at the purchase rate.

The purchaser will bear all kinds of costs i.e. Registration charges with taxes, VAT, duties, fees and any other relevant expenses.

If the purchaser receives any promotional gifts at the time of booking, s/he has to forfeit the same amount is case of cancellation of the project.

The purchaser can change the ownership of the plot with the prior approval of the company paying prescribed fee for the purpose.

In any unavoidable circumstances like natural disaster, political situation et. The project handover may be delayed. The purchaser will have to consider the situation.

A society shall be formed with all the purchasers and every plot owner shall be the member of this society after the handover his/her plot.

The buyer shall abide all the terms and conditions contained in the allotment agreements.

Images/pictures used in this brochure are for artist’s impression only. And is rendered to provide a better understanding of the project. Project / plot / Block and or zonal facilities will be provided as per individual deed of agreement. All materials in this brochure including texts. pictures, and layout is copyrighted by AMFL and re-production without written permission is prohibited by law.

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