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Trust, integrity, and forward-thinking form the bedrock of Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd. (AMHL), a company deeply committed to surpassing expectations across generations. At Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd., our mission is to uplift lives, empower dreams, and make luxury living accessible. We offer a wide range of options, catering to diverse needs and budgets, from legal certainties to on time delivered projects. With a focused commitment to timely plot handover, we have successfully ensured the satisfaction of over 230+ clients throughout the country by delivering more than 900+ Kathas of luxury plots, bringing smiles to their faces. At Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to own a piece of the earth, to build a haven for their loved ones. We simplify the process, ensuring transparency and legal compliance every step of the way. Welcome to AMHL – where owning your plot is just the beginning of building your dreams.

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Plot Type at The Valley

3 Katha

  • Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd. is excited to offer a unique blend of elegance and convenience with our 3 Katha residential plots at The Valley, Bangladesh. Perfectly poised along the dynamic Dhaka-Mawa Highway, these plots serve as the ideal canvas for those who aspire to craft a home that reflects their taste for sophistication and their desire for a connected lifestyle.

4 Katha

  • At Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd., we are proud to present an exclusive opportunity to own a part of The Valley, Bangladesh – an exquisite enclave of residential plots that blend luxury living with the tranquility of nature. Situated along the vital Dhaka-Mawa Highway, our 4 Katha plots offer a sanctuary just a stone's throw from the bustling heart of Dhaka.

5 Katha

  • At Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd., we are delighted to showcase our most spacious and luxurious offering yet – the 5 Katha residential plots at The Valley, Bangladesh. Situated along the prestigious Dhaka-Mawa Highway, these plots represent the pinnacle of refined living, offering ample space to build a grandiose home amidst the serenity of nature, with the convenience of city life within reach.


  • Picture your vision blossoming on Dhaka-Mawa Highway's vibrant pulse, where nature's serenity nurtures your ambition. The Valley's commercial plots offer security so your dreams can flourish, infrastructure that fuels every venture, and a canvas primed for any masterpiece – be it a bustling mall, a tranquil corporate haven, or a retail space where success dances with sunlight. Step into The Valley, where legacies are built, not just plots.

Nature and Plant at the Valley

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