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As Dhaka's embrace is tightening, the land is shrinking, and dreams of land ownership are fading like distant city lights. The Valley rises from this yearning, a defiant bloom crafted with a singular vision: to make land accessible, dreams attainable, and nature a constant companion. The Valley breaks down barriers, not landscapes. Diverse plots and generous EMIs pave the way for everyone to claim their sanctuary. The city's hum is a distant lullaby, nature's symphony your daily rhythm at the Valley. The Valley blooms from a vision for connection, with its very bricks laid to stitch a vibrant tapestry of neighbors, laughter, and shared moments under the expansive sky.


Our vision for The Valley is an embodiment of the universal yearning for a place to call one's own. At the heart of The Valley lies a commitment to make land ownership accessible to everyone. We strive to break down barriers and create pathways for individuals and families to fulfill the perennial dream of having a piece of land they can proudly call their own. Recognizing that dreams come in various sizes, The Valley offers a diverse range of plot sizes and options. Whether it's a modest plot for a first-time buyer or a more expansive space for those dreaming big, we provide choices that align with the unique visions of our residents. To make the process of owning a plot at The Valley even more smooth, trustworthy, and trouble-free, we are proud to offer a 5-year EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) plan.

The idea of The Valley germinated from a desire to break free from convention. Recognizing the scarcity of land in Dhaka city and the challenges associated with crafting one's dream home amid the urban chaos, we embarked on a mission to provide an alternative. The Valley was conceived as a departure from the ordinary – a sanctuary where the city's clamor gives way to the serenity of nature without compromising on essential urban facilities. This is the vision that The Valley Bangladesh brings to life.

Our vision for The Valley stems from a desire to redefine the paradigm of urban living. It is a testament to our belief that a home should be more than just a dwelling; it should be a narrative of dreams fulfilled, a legacy of thoughtful living, and a testament to the enduring bond between humankind and the environment.

The Valley is our response to the scarcity of land in Dhaka city and the yearning for a connection with nature amid urban chaos. We aspire to create not only a residential project but an inspired living experience where nature, community, and dreams converge in seamless harmony. In essence, our vision for The Valley is a celebration of thoughtful living, a testament to the enduring bond between humankind and the environment, and a visionary step toward a new era of residential excellence.


Our mission at Amin Mohammad Holdings Ltd. is to make your dreams a reality through our visionary project, The Valley. We strive to elevate the standard of urban living by seamlessly blending modern conveniences with the serenity of nature, ensuring it stands as the best place for both residential and commercial purposes. With an unwavering commitment to community-centric development, environmental stewardship, and the goal of enhancing your lifestyle, The Valley is designed to be more than just a residential destination; it is a future where your aspirations come to life in the environment you've always dreamt of, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

The Design

The relentless force of urbanization in Dhaka has driven an economic culture that is consuming vast quantities of natural vegetation and farming lands, replacing them with towering concrete buildings. This separation from nature has resulted in people distancing themselves from the soil and suppressing their innate desire to live in harmony with the natural world. The idea behind 'The Valley - Inspired by Nature' is to develop a site where the essence of living close to nature is combined effectively with the necessities of daily life, creating a better living experience.


DCON Design studio


Md. Ramzanul Haque Nihad

Md. Ramzanul Haque Nihad, the elder son of M.M. Enamul Haque and Mrs. Bilkis Haque, was born on April 14, 1986. A successful visionary business entrepreneur, he entered the business horizon after completing his graduation with a Bachelor's in Commerce, majoring in Management, Human Resource Development, and International Management, from Australia. He became the Deputy Managing Director of Amin Mohammad Group in 2015 and also took on responsibilities within Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd. His dynamic leadership has initiated a number of businesses within the Amin Mohammad Group, and he is looking to take the organization to a new level. At only 34 years of age, Mr. Haque has mastered the real estate industry and has successfully completed 56 projects under his AMFL concern. In July 2020, Mr. Haque was promoted to the position of Managing Director of the Amin Mohammad Group.

Since Amin Mohammad Group is solely a private organization, Mr. Haque is now planning to form a new initiative named Amin Mohammad Construction Limited to collaborate with government authorities such as the Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD), Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Public Works Department (PWD), Military Engineer Services (MES), Civil Aviation, BEPZA, etc.

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