Jarul Tree

The jarul tree is recognized for its large, showy clusters of pink to purple flowers, and distinctive peeling bark, while its durable wood is utilized for various purposes.

Sofeda Tree

The sofeda tree, commonly known as the sapodilla or chico tree, is a tropical evergreen species renowned for its latex-producing qualities and bears sweet, grainy-textured fruits with a unique flavor, encapsulated by a rough, brownish exterior.

Palash Tree

Intertwined with cultural, artistic, and historical aspects, revered for its vibrant orange flame-like flowers, the Palash tree has become an emblem of spring in the region, celebrated through the verses and melodies of Rabindranath Tagore.

Zinnia plant

In the vibrant canvas of the valley's landscapes, the Zinnia Elegans, also known as Youth-and-Age, emerges as a living palette, weaving a tapestry of hues that celebrate nature's artistic diversity.

Neem Tree

The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is a versatile evergreen known for its bitter-tasting leaves, prized for their medicinal properties and widely used in traditional medicine, while its seeds yield neem oil with various agricultural and cosmetic applications.


With delicate flowers appearing in shades of pink, purple, and white, the Cosmos, also known as Golden Cosmos graces the valley's gardens with aesthetic charm and plays a pivotal role in creating a haven for butterflies, including the majestic monarch butterfly.

Morning Glory

Morning glory refers to a diverse group of flowering plants known for their vibrant, funnel-shaped blossoms that typically bloom in the morning, showcasing a spectrum of colors and often trailing or climbing vines.


The Sonalu tree, also known as the Golden Shower tree, a symbol of both ornamental beauty and traditional healing practices; the breathtaking display of blossoms, with minimal foliage visible, turns the tree into a living ornament that captivates the senses and brings a burst of color to the surroundings.

Banyan Tree

The banyan tree is a majestic, large-canopied fig tree known for its expansive, aerial prop roots that descend and take root, creating a sprawling and impressive canopy.

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